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Acura Repair and Maintenance



Your Acura Service Center!!!

Come to American & Import Auto Repair where we will maintain and repair your Acura vehicle giving you years of service and reliability. Think of us as your Acura Service Center featuring highly trained Acura Specialists, we inspect, maintain & repair your vehicle, from oil changes, brakes and timing belts to your air conditioning system, engine, and all of the electronics.
Many of our customers get well over 200,000 mile out of their Acura’s. With scheduled maintenance and service your Acura will be safe and reliable for many miles to come. We don’t just work on them, we own them!

Acura, the Luxury Honda Brand

The Acura brand from Honda holds the distinction of being the first Japanese luxury brand. Acura was the first in the Honda line to have VTEC which is variable valve timing to the market. The SUV brand was brought to market in 2000 with the MDX. The RDX for 2007 was the first time in the North American market for the Honda Turbocharged engine.

The Importance of Car Maintenance and Repairs

Most Acuras, if properly & regularly maintained, can easily get over 300,000 miles by our customers. Scheduled maintenance flushes and tune ups will keep your car reliable and trouble free long after the payments are over. While maintenance is often minor and refers to little more than an Oil Change or Wheel Alignment, the main objective for maintenance is to prevent problems rather than to provide solutions. We can do the A1, B1 Factory recommended maintenance as an independent Acura Service Center.

Oil is your Acura’s blood supply

Acura Oil Changes are critical to engine life, so it goes without saying that regular mileage interval oil changes are critical to vehicle performance and helps protect the engine from some of the wear & tear of daily driving. Owners should pay attention to vehicle maintenance but there is simply no substitute for professional maintenance using our Acura specialists at American & Import Auto Repair!

Some of our typical maintenance services include (but are not limited to) the following;Acura auto Repairs near me in East Tennessee
– Oil Change, Brake Service, and Transmission Fluid Flush
– Air Filter and Cabin Air Filter
– Spark Plug Replacement and Tune Up
– 30,000 60,000 90,000 110,000 and higher Mile Services
– Air conditioning, fuel and vehicle electrical services
And much, much more!!!

Excellent Customer Service

You can call our shop to set an appointment, bring your vehicle by during our business hours, or simply fill out the envelope & drop your keys in our secure drop box. Our Acura Master mechanics will work to diagnose and address the problems with your Acura in a prompt, professional matter. If you need to be somewhere else, our free loaner cars will fill in while we perform the repairs, or we can give you a lift back home, to work or wherever you need to be!

We want you to make the best-informed decision, which means providing you with all the information including a digital vehicle inspection so that you know what needs attention first with your vehicle.
We keep you informed by call, text or email – whichever is convenient for you!

When Small Problems become Big Problems

In case you might be asking yourself, the answer is: many of these check-ups or inspections are routine and cost effective. Sometimes small sounds are neglected by vehicle owners, and in some cases, become bigger problems; i.e. that small brake squeak, if it’s ignored long enough, could turn into a full blown brake system problem. Ugh!

Maintaining, Repairing and Enhancing Performance

To sum it all up, the purpose of routine maintenance & repairs is to ensure a long and prosperous vehicle life for your Acura.

Our ASE Master Mechanics

At American & Import Auto Repair, we have only the best, ASE Certified Mechanics on staff. That means we have the right mechanics to perform preventative maintenance and repairs on your vehicle. It takes rigorous training to become an ASE Master Mechanic and our facility is an ASE Certified Blue Seal Shop so that you know we are here to serve your needs in getting your vehicle back on the road in good working order.

Your Peace Of Mind Warranty
In addition to delivering the best in services, we back it up with a 2 year/24,000-mile warranty that is good nationwide. This means that if your vehicle breaks down due to the work that we performed or if we did not fully address the issue that needed maintenance or repair, you can take your vehicle into one of thousands of auto shops around the country and have it addressed.

Acura Repairs and Maintenance in Johnson City

To be more specific, our Acura repair shop is centrally located to service many areas including Telford, Gray, Jonesborough and Johnson City. So, if you have a problem with the air conditioning, or any other issues -we know what to do, and whether its faulty electronics, inaccurate wheel alignment or strange noises are causing you problems, we are here to remove these concerns.
While some of these services will inevitably take longer than others, here at American & Import Auto repair, our Acura specialists take ample time and consideration to provide you with the highest standard of service. Along with our expertise, we also offer 24,000 mile, 2 year Nationwide Warranty; so if you have any repair related issues, we are here for you!

American & Import Auto Repair offers complete maintenance for all your cars, vans, SUVs and trucks. Our master mechanics can tackle anything from oil changes, routine factory maintenance, brakes, a/c repairs to auto electrical, flash/reprogramming service.
Family owned and operated for nearly 20 years. Our experts have the knowledge and experience to keep your Acura safe and on the road.

Are you in need of an Acura Oil Change or Acura repairs for your car or SUV? Do you have concerns about a certain issue with your car? Please do not hesitate to call us at 423-913-3111 or come by 3832 West Market Street Johnson City, Tn so we can discuss how we can help you with your vehicle.

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