Automotive Battery Replacement In Johnson City, TN

If you need your Battery checked or diagnosed in Johnson City, TN come by American & Import Auto Repair and let us have a look. We sell quality batteries and know how to install them the right way. Some newer cars need constant voltage to keep the computers and sensors happy. Some cars, trucks and SUV’s need a computer to “mate” the new battery to your vehicle and reprograming might be necessary. We can help you find the best answer for your vehicle.

Car Batteries

Did you know that the average car battery lasts about 4 years? This is because the battery itself will start to build up a resistance to being charged until it can no longer hold the electricity required to start your vehicle. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to tell if you have a weak battery until the day that it does not start your vehicle. But there can be signs such as slow starts and the familiar whirring sound of the starter trying to turn over the engine. If you start to see the warning signs, you should bring your vehicle in to American & Import Auto Repair in Johnson City, TN and have an electrical charging system check.

American & Import Auto Repair is the ASE Blue Seal Garage you can trust. We offer a wide range of automotive maintenance and repair services for your vehicle which includes battery checks and replacements. Keep in mind that even if your battery checks out, if it is four years old, then we recommend it to be replaced. Only 30% of car batteries make it past 48 months.


A Battery that really needs replaced

Battery Types

  • Wet Cell

    Wet Cell is the most common type of battery. It comes in two styles: Serviceable and Maintenance Free. This type battery is in the majority of vehicles. The cells are filled with electrolyte.

  • Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM)

    Glass matt is placed in between the plates inside the battery. These batteries can produce more power in a smaller battery and are better if you are not using the vehicle every day they hold their charge over time without use.

  • GEL- Gel cell batteries

    are similar to the AGM battery because of the electrolyte is suspended. The absorbed glass matt (AGM) is still considered a wet cell battery. This battery doesn’t do well if it is overcharged. Make sure to charge with the proper charger. These are very deep cycle and do better in hot applications.

  • Deep Cycle Battery

    This is a battery designed to have less quick delivery and is designed to have better energy delivery over a longer period of time. Deep Cycle batteries are made for marine and golf cart applications.

  • CCA-Cold Cranking amps

    is a measure of how long a battery can deliver at 0 degrees for 30 seconds and not drop below 7.2 volts.

  • RC

    Reserve capacity is the number of seconds a battery at 80 Degrees F takes to discharge 25 amps until the volts drop below 10.5.