Fuel Induction Cleaning Service in Johnson City, TN

When a Fuel Induction cleaning service is performed it can clean up the deposits and bring back some of the fuel mileage and performance. If your vehicle is not running as good as it should, bring it in to American & Import Auto Repair and let us diagnose it to see what might be the issue. If the engine is not running smooth, it may need a fuel induction service.  We can look over your vehicle and see if it might need a fuel induction cleaning.

What is a Fuel Induction Service?

This is where the fuel system of your vehicle is cleaned of carbon and other debris that can build up over time. We use a chemical fogger to mist BG chemicals into the induction system, not just to clean the fuel injector but the whole system. We also put a can of industrial strength cleaner in the gas tank to continue to clean and get rid of the debris that have broken loose and continue through the system. We use the fuel induction service kit from BG Chemicals (BG Fuel injector/induction cleaner). This can cause enough of a change in fuel trim to turn the check engine light on. This is not a bad thing it just means that the induction system is working and the ECM (your computer) is seeing a big change in the fuel system.

The fuel induction service will clean the entire system so that all deposits are removed. The service also includes cleaning the cylinder heads and intake valves for maximum efficiency. Because the deposits are removed, the emissions from the exhaust system are reduced as well.

The service ensures that your fuel system is cleaned and restores the efficiency of the engine back to its original condition. Plus, it helps to extend the life of the engine, improve the overall performance, and return the original fuel economy of your vehicle. If you do not have the fuel system cleaned, the clogging of the fuel system continues which further reduces the overall performance of then engine over time.


So, how do you know if you need fuel induction service? There are several symptoms that will slowly start to appear in the performance of the engine. We recommend that you have an Induction service done every 25,000 mile or at the first sign of symptoms.

  • Bad fuel economy
  • Engine power loss
  • Idles rough
  • Hard to start
  • Pings or knocks
  • Increase in emission levels

The bad fuel economy creeps in slowly over time which means that you may not notice the change until you start looking at how much you are spending for fuel every month. The most obvious signs are power loss, the rough idling, and the pings or knocks that are associated with a fuel system that is dirty and needs proper cleaning.


Intake Valve Sludged Up

Benefits of a Fuel Induction Service

You’ll notice the benefits right away as the engine will have that feel as it did when it was new. Keep in mind that you should have our master mechanic look at the engine to see if there are other reasons that may account for the symptoms of poor engine performance.

  • Restores the fuel efficiency
  • Provides better engine performance
  • Restores power
  • Lowers harmful emission levels
  • Cleans fuel injectors, throttle body, plenum, and air intake
  • Removes the combustion chamber deposits
  • Corrects the balance of the fuel and air inside the system

Keep in mind that the service includes the use of BG 44K Fuel System Cleaner, a safe, powerful cleaning product that flushes out the deposits and helps the engine to run smoothly. The cleaner will take care of the deposits that are inside the fuel system of the vehicle which means that it will start to run better almost immediately thanks to the removal of the debris.


Intake Valve after BG Induction Cleaning

How Often Should Your Vehicle Have Fuel Induction Service?

Under normal driving conditions, it takes time for the deposits to build up in the fuel induction system. And, depending on several factors, including the quality of gas you use, your engine may need the service either more frequently or less frequently. Your driving conditions and type of driving you do affects how often you need a fuel induction service. This means that if you drive on the highway for a good portion of the time the vehicle in on the road, the higher speeds will help blow out the deposits to help keep your engine running smoothly. So, you will not need the service very often. For those who drive in city traffic with lots of stop and go, intersection to intersection movement, your vehicle may need the service more frequently.

As maintenance on your car, truck, or SUV a fuel induction service should be performed every 25,000 to 30,000 miles. It pays to keep your eye on the fuel economy of the vehicle. If you see it start to drop over a few tanks of gas, that’s when you should bring it to us at American & Import Auto Repair.
By providing a fuel induction service at the first signs of difficulty, you can keep your engine running smooth which helps avoid other issues that may occur if left unchecked.
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BG Fuel Induction At American & Import Auto Repair

BG Fuel Induction At American & Import Auto Repair

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