What To Do When Your Check Engine Light Comes On

Why does your check engine light come on?

Have you ever seen that pesky check engine light flashing on your car dashboard? It’s not only annoying, it can also be confusing: what do you do now? Don’t worry, the ASE certified mechanics in Johnson City have the answers! In this article, you’ll learn how to interpret and address problems when your check engine…

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How do I change the time on my car clock?

Changing the time on your cars clock made easy

Are you tired of constantly struggling to change the time on your car clock every time daylight saving time rolls around? The mechanics as American & Import Auto Repair will walk you through the process of changing the time on your car clock, whether it’s an automatic or manual adjustment.

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What is an Automotive Service Manager?

Who is your automobile service manager in Johnson city and what do they do?

Are you eager to join the automotive business? To be an Automotive Service Manager, you need to know what the job entails. This article will explain the duties, qualifications, and salary for this role. After reading this, you can decide if this is the career for you! What Does an Automotive Service Manager Do? Automotive…

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What Does it Mean When You See TRAILER LIGHTS on Your Dashboard?

Trailer light on dashboard

“Trailer Light” on the dashboard? I’m here to shed some light on this mystery. It could mean a burnt-out bulb, a loose connection, or a wiring issue. Check each light for damage and replace any burnt-out bulbs. Securely connect all wires. If it’s not the lights, a professional mechanic should be consulted. Remember to double-check…

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How Does Automotive Air Conditioning Work?

How Does Air Conditioning Work in Automobiles?

Key Takeaways: History of Car Air Conditioning The history of car air conditioning goes way back to the days of horse-drawn carriages. Yet, it wasn’t until the early 1900s that cars started to have cooling systems. Sadly, these early models weren’t very effective. In the 1930s, car air conditioning systems started to look like those…

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