Injector Cleaning

If you are having drive-ability issues and think it might be related to your injectors (Gas Direct Injection) bring it to American & Import Auto Repair and let us diagnosis it for you. GDI fuel systems produce more power per size of the engine than the older vehicles but need to be cleaned and maintained regularly.

Gas Direct Injection Cleaning With BG Fuel Injector Cleaner

Gas Direct Injection started to become popular with car manufactures about five years ago. But why are auto manufacturers using GDI engines?

  • It is popular because it offers higher performance out of the same size motor. It still gets good gas mileage without compromising power.
  • It produces less harmful emissions better efficiency than the more popular port fuel injection engines.
  • In order to achieve government mandated fuel economy and still have engine performance,  auto  manufacturers are combining gas direct injection, variable valve timing and low tension piston rings to achieve big power and small engine efficiency.

What this really means to you is all of this technology works great but needs maintenance attention sooner than some of the old cars did.

The gas direct injection engines inject fuel into the hottest part of the combustion chamber. There is an ash or gunk that builds up on top of the valves that gets really hot and bakes on. These deposits build up and eventually cause a problem for the engine.

When the deposits build up it can cause issues like misfires, reduced fuel economy and cause the check engine light to come on. Hydrocarbon deposits building up in the combustion chamber starts to cause the engine to choke when even a small amount of ash is present. This changes the ratio of fuel to air.

Injector valve build up can also cause problems with injectors, stuck piston rings and PVC (positive crankcase ventilation) issues and even engine failure if ignored long enough.

Some engines can be cleaned with a chemical cleaners such as BG, injected into the fuel delivery system. If it is bad enough and has multiple symptoms it can become necessary to manually remove and clean the build up.

Frequently Asked Questions about GDI Engines

If the injector system is not cleaned, they will clog with carbon buildup. When fuel is sprayed onto the back of the intake valves, it helps keep them cleaned. If the flow rate is diminished by carbon deposits, over time the system gets worse.

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How GDI Engines are Cleaned at our Johnson City Auto Repair Shop