Automotive Electrical Repairs

Auto Electrical Repairs in Johnson City, TN

If you are having an automotive electrical problem in Johnson City, TN come by American & Import Auto Repair, where we have been doing electrical work on cars for a lot of years, and look forward to fixing your electrical problem. ASE master mechanics have the right factory information and ability fix your car's electrical wiring and also flash update module that may be damaged or replaced.

We have been doing electrical diagnostics on cars for many years and continue to go to classes to stay up to date on the newest advances in vehicle technology.

If gas or diesel-powered engines are the heart of the automobile, then the electrical wiring is the nervous system that keeps it all running in sync. If the electrical system of your vehicle is not operating properly, it may lead to more serious issues that affect its performance.

American & Import Auto Repair offers electrical diagnosis and repair by a certified ASE master mechanic in our facility that was rated Federated Shop of the Year. We also offer a complete line of auto repair services designed to get you back on the road quickly.

What Makes Up the Electrical System of Your Vehicle?

Everything starts with the battery providing the electrical power for your car, truck or SUV. The battery starts the engine, powers all the electrical systems, and recharges as the vehicle goes into motion. At American & Import Auto Repair, we check the heath of the battery just to ensure it still is operating properly. We recommend replacing the battery every four years, before it wears out, for maintenance reasons.
The starter is the motor that uses the energy from the battery to start or crank over the main engine. When you turn the key, or hit the start button, the starter draws power from the battery and starts the engine. A starter that is slower or making unusual noises may need repair. Once your engine starts, the alternator lights up and provides power for the electrical system, recharges the battery, and ensures that all electrical devices inside your vehicle are working.
The wiring in vehicles has certainly become more complex over the years as it runs to all parts of your car or truck. Several hundred amps will course through the wiring powering both large and small devices, including a multitude of sensors and modules that monitor the working condition of your vehicle.

Diagnosing Electrical Issues in Your Vehicle

Correctly identifying electrical issues in your vehicle starts by providing a description of what is affecting its performance to our trained mechanics. The more you can tell us about the issues you are experiencing when driving your vehicle, the faster we can diagnose the issue as it puts us on the right track. Our goal is to get your vehicle fully repaired and out the door so you can be on your way as quickly and safely as possible.
If your vehicle is experiencing issues with its electrical system, it helps to note the symptoms that you are seeing during your drive.

  • Can you demonstrate the problem to our mechanic?
  • Does it occur during certain driving conditions such as speeding up, slowing down, turning on the A/C, during a rainstorm, and so forth.

Any observation can help enlighten our mechanics to zero in on the problem. This is because many electrical system issues are intermittent which means that they are more difficult to diagnose. In addition, we advise that you see us right away as soon as you notice any trouble. In many cases, an irregularity that you notice in the electrical system that is repaired right away often costs far less than letting the issue go. This is because many small electric system issues may cause big problems for your vehicle if not addressed in a timely manner.

Our Services

The electrical systems of vehicles have expanded greatly over the past couple of decades, especially with the inclusion of computer control devices. From battery and charging systems to the interior lights of your vehicle to safety and security features, the number of devices directly connected to the electrical system can be staggering.

  • Keyless Entry, Anti-Theft, and Tire Pressure Monitors
  • Automatic Braking (ABS) Systems, Traction Control, and Lighting Systems
  • Entertainment Systems, Heating & Air Conditioning, and All Wheel Drive
  • Ignition Control, Electrical Power Steering, AWD Systems, and More

Why Choose American & Import Auto Repair?

For your auto electric repairs and more, American & Import Auto Repair offers the best in services designed to get your vehicle back on the road. Our company features certified ASE master mechanics and was recognized as Federated Shop of the Year thanks to our prompt, professional repair services at competitive prices.
If the electrical system in your car or truck is not operating properly, please bring your vehicle to our repair shop at 3832 West Market Street Johnson City, TN 37604, call 423-913-3111 or text 423-390-8549. Call ahead and reserve a loaner car. We would be happy to help you get back on the road!

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