Appointment for Auto Service

Make an Appointment for Auto Repair Service

To schedule an appointment for auto repair service in our Johnson City, TN repair facility, please complete the form below to schedule a service appointment. American & Import Auto Repair team member will follow up by phone or email to confirm the details.

If you have any questions, contact us or call our shop 423.913.3111

Vehicle Appointment Repair Questions

Where do I drop off my vehicle after hours?

You can drop off your vehicle in any parking space on the property. Please do not block the bay doors.

Park your vehicle and please remove any valuables within the vehicle. Management and owners are not responsible for damage or theft to vehicle or contents.

Please remove any valuables from your vehicle.

With your keys in hand, please lock your car doors.

Place your keys in a drop off envelope and put this sealed envelope in the key drop slot at the top of the box.

Do I leave my keys in the car or is there a drop box?

Please do not leave your keys in your car when dropping off after hours.

Please remove any valuables from your vehicle.

With your car keys in hand, please lock your car doors.

There is a "drop box" for your keys located on the main door. It has pens (take one they're free!), after hours form, business cards.

You will place your keys in the drop off envelope and place in the key slot above.

After hours key drop box

After hours key drop box

How much will it cost to repair my car?

Each vehicle is different and therefore each repair is different. We always call to advise what work needs to be completed and the approximate vehicle repair costs and time for completion.

Are mechanics expensive?

Our Johnson City ASE certified mechanics believe in prioritizing driver safety. If during a vehicle inspection, the mechanic finds additional problems you will be called by our service manager describing the problem and what necessary repairs will need to be completed on your authorization only.