How to find a Mechanic in Johnson City Jonesborough TN

Point #1: Not choosing a car repair shop that is established, a shop that will be there for you in the future. One that will give you an estimate before the work is started. Look for a shop that will inspect your car and tell you if there are issues involving safety and reliability. Whether you are getting brakes, electrical repair, maintenance or just an oil change it is important to establish a good relationship with the shop that you are choosing to use. Don’t wait till the next breakdown to start looking.

Point #2: The Second mistake is not looking into a shops warranty. We have a 24 month, 24,000 mile nationwide warranty that will keep you safe in your hometown, as well as when you are traveling around the country. Federated is a quality brand that you can believe in. We want you to have the quality and peace of mind that this warranty brings.

Point #3: Falling for the cheapest price- A cheaper price might lead to an inferior repair. There is a lot that goes into the repair cost. Sometimes a quality repair shop has done the job before and is aware of the parts that will be needed, better than the shops that are low balling the price just to get the job. Be clear on what is going to be done and make sure the parts that are installed are good quality parts. We redo a lot of jobs from other shops that aren’t done right. Make sure the warranty is at least a year. Ours is two years on most all repairs.

And a bonus point: Not checking to see if the shop has a free loaner car program. If they offer a free loaner car they are concerned about your stress and want to help make the experience as pleasant as possible. American & Import Auto Repair can help with all of these issues.

ASE master mechanics take a long series of test to be up to date on the latest technology.
When you are looking for a good mechanic near me please come and see us.

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Timothy Smith is a master mechanic telling you what to look for in a mechanic shop in Johnson City and Jonesborough TN.