Welcome to our Ladies Car Care Clinic!

At this One-Of-A-Kind event, you’ll learn:

  • How to change a flat tire (Really! Hands on ‘How To’)
  • How to avoid changing a flat tire
  • What to look for under your hood
  • The SAFE way to jump start your vehicle (you’ll LOVE this part)
  • How to avoid the 5 most common mistakes that the car dealer WANTS you to make
  • Of course we’ll have drinks and snacks too (a girl’s got to eat!!)
  • Plus much more…

So if you’ve always wanted to know what makes your vehicle tick, this is the event for you!

We’ll host this clinic inside our clean & spacious shop where we’ll use demonstrator vehicles to show you, hands on, everything you’ve always wanted to know…But were afraid to ask!

And, we’ll have plenty of time to show you around your own vehicle and answer any specific questions you may have. Since this will be held on a Saturday and we’re not open on Saturdays, we’ll have the place all to ourselves. There won’t be any other guys around, just us.

This is also a great opportunity for young ladies just starting to drive to learn as well, so if you have daughters – reserve a spot for them too.

If you have ANY questions about this awesome clinic, feel free to contact us!


My daughter and I attended the Ladies Car Care Clinic on March 24th. The food was awesome! There was something for everyone! Great door prizes! They went all out!!! The guys showed us how to change a tire, basic information about the mechanics of a car, like checking the oil, and my favorite… how to jump off a dead battery. I no longer have to carry around jumper cables and depend on the kindness of a stranger to help me. I can do it myself after purchasing a jump box. I really appreciate your caring about women… you didn’t make us feel inferior and were very kind to answer all our questions. I recommend every woman to take this class! Thanks a million!!!

Debbie P
Debbie P

I was so impressed by the time and attention I received when I attended the recent ladies Car Care Clinic at American Import and Auto Repair. Not only did I learn how to change a tire, check my oil and keep up with my car maintenance, I was encouraged to ask more complex questions about car repairs and maintenance such as “should I replace the rotors as well as the brake pads?” and “do I really need to change the air filter, how important is that?”. Not only did I become a lot more comfortable with my car and the maintenance required, they made it feel like a special ladies only experience with REALLY nice door prizes (manicures, pedicures etc.), a tasty lunch with heavenly chocolate cake, and a gift bag of nice, useful items for each participant. I should have brought all of my friends instead of just one!

Thanks so much for this amazing opportunity. You all are awesome.

Irene F
Irene F

The Ladies Car Care Clinic at American & Import Auto Repair was great! I learned so much about the proper basic maintenance for my car.  The oil, tires, cabin air filter, battery and much more during the question and answer period and from the tech that shared information about my car specifically that the dealer did not tell me. We enjoyed food, grab bags and door prizes and everybody won something! Can’t wait till next year’s clinic and I think every female young to old would enjoy and benefit from attending the Ladies Car Care Clinic. I will definitely share with my friends. Thanks to American & Import Auto Repair and their kind staff and technicians for their time and support to make this a great event that woman look forward to.